anonaem is a product design studio

pioneering and crafting minimalist innovation with tear-resistant and

waterproof materials


the core of our creative process

responsible design

we believe in responsible design, where every material used is thoughtfully considered to minimize waste. what doesn't find its way into our products is recycled into new, functional, and minimalist designs.

each product begins as a flat piece, transformed into a folded pattern. this simplicity in approach doesn't compromise on utility. our products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also remarkably functional.

material selection

the material we use is KlothTex™ as we maintain the ethical standards in material selection. we prioritize lightweight and cruelty-free options, most notably, they are tear and water-resistant. 

designed and crafted to endure the trials of time and environmental conditions, our products are resilient that they can be washed and remain fully functional for up to eight years until today.